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The Game-changing Tech is Here


The wireless 2K 60 frames per second underwater training cameras is here! 

SwimPro 3.0 technology is the first of its kind, the gold medal standard. The new 3.0 sports ultra high definition 2K 60 frames per second wireless cameras, linear straight lenses, super portability and a setup and pack-up time that makes the load time of a smart TV look long!

The new SwimPro 3.0 wireless underwater cameras to iPad.

It has been nearly 24 months in the making, but the engineering team at Swimpro have crammed leading technology into a small and portable swim training package that has a pool deck footprint worthy of note.

SwimPro has answered market demand with a camera to iPad app that covers it all. The demand to fast select cameras and videos and also analyse multi-cameras and multi-videos altogether has been fulfilled.

Our new Swimpro iPad app is about as efficient and effective as you can get it. In terms of engineering, you could not make it more elegant as a utility – it covers it all in the most effective and simple way.

The new app has focused on your pool deck workflow. Create video content fast from the local camera or wireless underwater cameras and tag them with people and tags of your making. Play the videos back, analyse them, annotate on them and unlock the invisible – efficiency has nowhere to hide!

Our new multifunction allows you to create a workspace with a combination of cameras and recordings, side-by-side view, slow motion, zooming and panning and annotations; there is just so much power in the palm of your hands.

Swim coaches want to focus on swim coaching, not operating technology. The new Swimpro 3.0 playlist camera to iPad can be set up and packed up in an average time of less than two minutes — we have timed it! A DualCam SwimPro package can be set up in less than 60 seconds. Check it out here.

Travelling, portability and storage is a breeze with the new Swimpro 3.0. We have shortened our telescopic pole packages but kept the extendable lengths long to reach into the depths of the invisible. For example, the telescopic poles are now a length of 70 cm and extend to a length of 1.6 m. They can now fit in your travel case.

Check out our elite-level SwimPro Platinum Plus telescopic pole camera here.

We have shrunk the Swimpro wireless modules – they fit in the palm of your hand. They are small and powerful and will get you through a training session easily, with an operation time between 4 to 6 hours. Charging is a breeze. At the end of the session, place your Swimpro cameras on your charge, and they are ready to roll for the next training session.

SwimPro has now been in the market for over 10 years and has been working with leading swimming clubs. Some include Swimming Australia, Swimming Canada, Swimming USA, Swimming France, Swimming England, Swimming Amsterdam, Swimming Ireland, and Swimming Brazil, to name a few. We feel that we are in a partnership with all of our clients, and ultimately we are in the race to win an Olympic gold medal with you. With SwimPro 3.0. we believe we have delivered the leading technology, the gold medal standard.

My job at SwimPro is to manage the technology, and I have done so over the last two years. I have watched this technology develop into what it is today. The best part of my job is when I get out to the market leaders. Some leaders I have recently spoken with include the head coach of Swimming Australia to the biomechanics staff at the Queensland Academy of Sport and the New South Wales Institute of Sport. I presented the new SwimPro gear for feedback — I knew they were going to be honest as we have known them for 10 years. The feedback came in, it was incredible! I have never heard such great praise for our technology. So much so that we only really spoke of Paris 2024 and how this technology will be a great part of the Olympic journey. 

Interviewing the head coach of Swimming Australia, the coach that is laser-focused on Paris 2024 here in Australia, hearing what he has to say about our technology and how to play a critical backbone role in achieving gold at the Olympics is just perfection – it is what every engineering company and its products want to hear. 

SwimPro is in the race to Paris 2024 and wants to help you and your team gain the advantage. Ultimately, SwimPro wants to help swimming push the swimming limits to new heights to inspire swimmers to reach new levels of efficiency and effectiveness. 

Check out the new gear. One, two, three, four, and six camera packages are available and tailored to suit your budget and your team’s swimming performance levels.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Managing Director — SwimProAfter discussing what we have created their feedback was brutally honest and the Swimpro technology is exceptional.

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