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2k 60FPS Ultra Underwater Video Quality

Clear/crisp swimming video images are essential for athlete analysis. All SwimPro cameras deliver a crystal clear 2560 by 1440 progressive video frame (1440P) or ~4.0 megapixels per frame. We tested clarity with the Institute of Sport at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre. 

Comments such as “you can count the tiles at the end of the 50m pool” from the head video analyst is when you know that you have achieved elite-level video quality.

(actual underwater video shot with SwimPro)

Wireless Cameras


The SwimPro engineers have delivered a complete multi-camera wireless solution for 1/10th set-up time and eliminates video cables on the pool deck! Our new wireless underwater camera systems are totally portable, small in size and lightweight. 

The telescopic poles an hour 70 cm (~2ft 4inch.) In length and fit in our standard small bags. So easy to travel with, so easy to set up and pack up. Press the power button on the camera, wait 30 seconds for it to connect to the Swimpro Wireless, open the app up or fire the IQ Lab up and you are up and running — wireless underwater swimming cameras.

Wireless, portable and 2K 60 frames per second quality, the Swimpro underwater cameras for swimmers are your reliable performance video training gear.

iPad App Analysis

The new Swimpro iPad up is packed with features. It includes quick access to our wireless cameras, recordings and video management with fast sharing and tagging. Our new multi-feature allows you to create a multi-video and recording combination that suits your needs. 

In our latest release, we have focused on performance workflow. The new app allows you to flick between cameras, recordings, and multi-camera and recording screens extremely fast. 

Pool deck workflow is everything when competing at the performance level. The SwimPro iOS App is ready to perform.

Video Sharing

Capturing underwater videos for swimmers is important; however, sharing is paramount. Sharing has to be fast and simple, and ubiquitous.

Our Swimpro app allows you to select videos quickly and export them to your camera reel or share them to an external iOS-supported service.

Google Drive, Amazon cloud, and Apple iCloud are all supported. 

Sharing is simple, fast and effective.

Delayed Playback

The old delayed playback feature has been around for years and is just a critical part of underwater swimming analysis. It is the old TiVo function for those who have been around the underwater video camera swimming marketplace. 

We have included delayed playback in our Swimpro iOS app. Simply hit the delayed playback button on any camera, and you will get the camera at a delayed time. 

We also have a very advanced delayed playback feature in our iQ Lab, allowing for multi-delays from the same or different cameras, all at once. The IQ lab takes delayed play back to the next level; that’s the level of performance!

FAST Pool-deck Workflow

Swimming Australia challenged us to create software and and app with a user interface that is faster than their elite performance squads.

In our iOS app, our solution was what we have termed the FAST feature. FAST allows you to switch from cameras to recordings to multi-camera multi-recordings in two touches. 

This level of responsiveness and super low latency is what performance coaches need to unveil the unseen.

Our most popular camera packages

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