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SwimPro Office02 4942 5124

International(+61)2 4942 5124 (calls outside of Australia)

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Contact: Matt

Warehouse02 4942 5124

Skype: swimpro.warehouse

International(+61)2 4942 5124 (calls outside of Australia)

SwimPro Resources

iPad & Mac (M series)  App – “SwimPro 2k”, available on the App Store or click here

SwimPro Around the World

1000+ units in operation around the world, SwimPro training products are cutting times and pioneering swimming to the next level.

SwimPro was designed to operate in any country, on any power standard across multiple levels of technical understandings and cultures.

All SwimPro products are engineered to last in the harsh swimming pool environment. As SwimPro products are operated throughout the globe, we ensure the highest standard of underwater seal and extremely durable package components.